Fire Runner – Unity 3D aka WTF Runner

Fire runner was the first prototype of an infinite runner game where the player must stay alive by jumping onto the platforms. Along the way the player can pick up ‘Power-Ups’ where the player is given an in air jump and speed boost (for a short time). Distance travelled is displayed to the player on screen.

The positions of the platforms and mountains the in the background are generated at random, along with the power-up placements . After some work, I published 2 versions of this game to Google Play and Amazon App Stores (and soon Apple and  Windows App Stores) through my indie game company What the Frag! Games under the names ‘WTF Runner’ and ‘WTF Runner – Free’.

WTF Runner – Free contains advert banners during gameplay and an interstitial adverts at the end of each game run. The player is offered the opportunity to make an in-app-purchase to WTF Runner to remove adverts and also grants the player the ability to share their score to Facebook by way of a screenshot.

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