New 52 Flash Comic Series Mini Review

Ok so I’m a little bit late to the party with this series. I have tried to read the New 52 run of comics, but life has pretty much gotten in the way, finally this Christmas I was bought a few volumes so I figured it was about time to spooge and buy them all – well, except volume 8, I haven’t gotten around to buying that one yet.

After reading the first few pages you can tell that the whole series is well written. The way the writters capture Barry’s internal monologue helps build the story and reminds me a lot of my own internal thought processes (minus the Speed Force thinking obviously).

Without any major spoilers, the series starts out following Barry Allen(Flash) who has been Flash for a few years and is an established hero of Central city. An event unfolds and the general public think that Flash has caused and he sets out to fix it…. Not too much given away there.

The series also (re)introduces some of Flash’s most notorious villains like the Rouges, Grodd and of course Prof. Zoom (Reverse Flash). Again the villains are well written and in some way believeable (yes even the giant talking gorilla). At points you even feel like you see the reasons behind the villains actions, albeit wrong actions but still it’s something very clever that the writters have done that makes this series really stand out.

Like I have said above, I’m waiting to get volume 8 in the series so I can’t really say what is going to happen in that, however I can say that if the previous volumes are anything to go by it should be a, absolute treat to read and I really can’t wait to get it.

Anyways, enough of reading what I think about them, buy them yourself, links are below.

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