So having gone to the gym for three months, I’ve decided to try and kick things up a notch. Beachbody’s Insanity – is a crazy ass fitness program that’s designed to push you to your limits.

What is Insanity?

The principal idea behind insanity is that rather than HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) where you work out at a moderately high rate for a short period of time then switch to a more restful exercise. Insanity’s trainer (Shaun T) classes Insanity as Maximum Intensity Interval Training, where you exercise at a maximum pace then have a short (30 second) rest, before continuing at maximum pace again.

I tried the fitness test around 5-6 years ago and failed quite spectacularly. The fit test is there to gage your fitness level throughout the program as you do it every two weeks, counting how many reps of each of the exercises, it also works a measure as to if you can complete the fitness program as even on the fit test, Shaun T goes hard on you. Long story short 6 years ago I nearly died doing the fit test.

Insanity Max30

I’m not super fit nor pretend to be so I decided to try the fit test again, this time I’ve completed 1 week of the original Insanity program and 1 week of Insanity Max30. Max30 is essentially the same as the original Insanity but the workouts are just 30 mins long. Now given that most of the Original Insanity workouts are around 35-60 mins you’d think that just doing a workout of 30 mins wouldn’t push you as hard as day a 45min workout, but it does, I was roughly burning the same number of calories in Max30 as I was in the Original Insanity workouts of a similar nature.

Additionally, as I have gotten better over the last few weeks, the days where I don’t feel I’ve worked out enough, I’ve managed to slip in an extra workout, for example, on one of the power days I’ve added the 10 min Ab workout to give my core basically a kicking. This is proving to be quite worthwhile, as I’m really starting to see my abs getting more and more defined as the two weeks have progressed. Plus, this is adding around 250-300 more calories burned for that workout, which is awesome.

I should note one thing very different about Max30 which is very worthwhile noting. Shaun T repeats a lot that it’s alright to push yourself so hard that you need to take a break, he calls it “Maxing out”. The idea is that before you can get better at something you must first fail, pick yourself back up and keep going. I really like this idea, my oldest memory of hearing about fitness dvds where people are trying to keep up with the trainer and being disheartened by their progress because they simply couldn’t keep up.

Shaun T knows that people working out to his programs aren’t in the same super ripped shape as him, I think really helps with motivation. This is also used for tracking progress, you’re meant to write down the time you maxed out on each workout on the calendar sheet provided, so that the next time you do the same workout you can compare your progress, as this is usually the following week. I have noticed that my progress from day to day increasing, not by a massive margin but enough to show me improvements.

I will be keeping up with this blog and my progress with Insanity as it may give me some extra motivation to both blog and workout. If you feel like this is something you’d like to research further, below are some more information about Insanity and Insanity Max30, I would absolutly recommend researching both fitness programs to see if it’s right for you. Additionally, some links of where to buy the dvds along with a link to a Plyometric Jump mat, again I highly reccomend using one to save your knees while jumping.



Shaun T

Insanity Infomercial

Insanity Max30 Infermercial

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