I now genuinely struggle to recognise myself when I see old photos. Roughly a year apart and around 5 stone difference. I’m currently sitting at 16% #bodyfat and I’m pretty sure I was double that 1 year ago, but seeing pictures like this are a nice reminder of how far you can go with focus and commitment (plus exercise), and makes the sacrifices of the last year worthwhile. July marks the 1 year anniversary to when I started my (as cliché as it sounds) #weightlossjourney with @one2onediet.thepecks, the motivation and passion she has for the #one2onediet is inspirational and had helped me push to my #weightlossgoals. If you’re in the #wolverhampton area and looking to change your life, get in touch with her and if you’re not contact your local #cambridgeweightplan consultant and begin your own #journey. #weightloss #fitness #changeyourlife #diet #exercise https://ift.tt/2KUktWQ

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Insanity! – Checkout my Thoughts

So having gone to the gym for three months, I’ve decided to try and kick things up a notch. Beachbody’s Insanity – is a crazy ass fitness program that’s designed to push you to your limits. What is Insanity? The principal idea behind insanity is that rather than HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) where you […]