Blogging, Xamarin and Cordova

I’ve decided I’m going to try and blog more since I despise social media I figured this is my way of being “social”.


I have for the last few years trying to learn how to use Xamarin (I say this as various things have come up preventing me). I love the idea that I can create a few interfaces (iOS & Android) and reuse my code. To me this is exactly how I write C# scripts with Unity. Additionally, I spotted a 6 month job contract for a Xamarin developer offering £400 per day which perked my interest too.


A colleague has asked me for a solution to easily display his YouTube channel’s videos within an app. Rather than create a native app the would need updating via the App Store every time he wants to add a new video, my plan is to create an expanding website with an iFrame pointing towards a website(probably WordPress for easy of adding content with minimal skill) with the YouTube channel videos embedded into pages. I’ll be documenting this project through this blog as much as I can so subscribe if you haven’t already.

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